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Media Kit for Shopping Centre Marketers

Hi there. If you are a Marketer or work for a PR agency and you are looking for the Calendar Club UK Media Kit, you have found it!

Each year we prepare this kit to help our media partners to understand what we are all about as well as supplying you with a high-quality logo, pre-prepared social posts and examples of great products to include in your Gift Guides.

Below is a set of links to various assets which will be really useful for you this season when planning out your social posts and Gift Guides approaching Christmas 2017 and into the New Year.

*** If you are based in Ireland or promoting shopping centres and stores in Ireland please use the relevant versions of the files below, otherwise use the United Kingdom versions. ***


United Kingdom Version

  1. Media Kit (pdf)
  2. Store Introduction (pdf)
  3. Calendar Club UK Logo (png, eps)
  4. Social Media (pdf, image-posts*)
  5. Gift Guide (pdf, product-images*)

*NOTE: each of these links leads to a "zip" file to download. Please unzip it to locate all the images you will need for social posting as well as example product images/cover images.


Ireland Version

  1. Media Kit (pdf)
  2. Store Introduction (pdf)
  3. Calendar Club UK Logo (pngeps)
  4. Social Media (pdfimage-posts*)
  5. Gift Guide (pdfproduct-images*)
  6. Ireland Regional Products (product-images*)
  7. Store & Charity Information (pdf)


The first PDF in the kit will explain more but our Marketing & Social Media Team members are always available on to answer any queries and help with your promotional activities. Out team will look out for your posts and repost as well as following your social accounts in exchange, of course.


Have a great holiday season,

Maddy, Lau & Glenn
Marketing & Social Media Team
Calendar Club UK
Telephone: +44 (0)1392 826 800