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Privacy Policy

We treat your data with the utmost respect and care. We always aim to be as transparent with our customers and site visitors (that means you right now!) as possible and we treat your data the way we would expect our own personal data to be treated. You can find out about what information we store, how we process your data, your rights and other privacy related information in the following Privacy Policy. If you have any questions relating to your personal information, please contact one of our customer service representatives or email


Who are we? Ltd (Company Number: 04875419) is a company that resides in the city of Exeter situated in the South West of England and is part of a small group of companies: Otter House Ltd, Vista Stationery Print Ltd, and our sister company, Calendar Club Limited (Company Number: 03540821). Ltd employs roughly 20 people year-round. Ltd is the company responsible for your privacy and is the Data Controller for this website. Both Ltd (website) and Calendar Club Ltd (stores) are registered with the Data Protection register under Registration Number Z1131551 and Z1128277 respectively.


What information do we collect from you online and & how do we store and use it?


We only hold the information that is necessary to fulfil our contract with you and make sure our service is the best it can be. To process any orders, we need to hold your name, address, email address and telephone number on our systems. We store this information so that we can not only complete our contract with you to deliver your order but also for fraud protection reasons and to be able to provide refunds etc.


When you visit our website, we track each browsing session and the various products you have visited. We do this for several reasons including gaining feedback on our products and services, as well as being able to provide a better service to you by recommending products and services we think you will like.

We store your device type and IP address in our system logs for fraud protection reasons and to help identify any intrusions or Denial of Service attacks on our website. We do not use your IP address for any other reason and all logs are stored securely on our servers. These logs are deleted periodically.

Finally, if you decide to visit our website on a device that can share your location, you will be given the choice whether to do so or not. We only use the location information to help you to find your nearest store – it is not stored anywhere.


We use the browsing information and your email address, if you supply it, to send you updates and to tailor our emails to you to make them as relevant as possible. For example, we may send you reminder emails if you had to abandon your order half way through – perhaps your front doorbell rang and then you forgot all about your wonderful calendar find, right? We only send marketing emails with your permission / consent e.g. if you have selected the “Email” option in the Contact Preferences area when placing an order or creating an account.


We use third party advertising on other websites across the web by using cookies (see the Cookies section later for more information) which are stored on your computer. If you see a Calendar Club UK advert on another website, it will be because your device received a cookie from our website. We do this so that you can see our latest products and promotions, especially those which we think are most relevant to you. Again, you can turn this on or off by ticking or unticking the “Marketing” check box on our Cookie Management Tool (coming soon).


We need to take payment for your order by asking for credit card or debit card details (other payment methods are discussed later) to perform our contract with you. We may also use the details to issue refunds to you. We do not store any credit or debit card information. All payments go through our payment providers (SagePay, Amazon and PayPal) securely using encryption so your information is as safe as possible.

Talking With Us

You may decide to engage with us via email, a phone call or social media. If you do, we will keep a contact history in order to provide customer service support. We may use this information to train staff members so that we can give you the best experience possible when talking with us.

We currently have no instant chat feature on our website or use phone recording software when you call our Customer Services Team (or any other team at our Head Office in Exeter). However, if this does change in the future we will let you know by way of your preferred contact method and this policy will also be updated. If you have no contact method, we will be unable to update you and so we strongly recommend reviewing your Contact Preferences in your Account Summary area, if you have an account, and selecting at least one of the options: Email, SMS, or Post.

Purchasing History

We will make use of the details of your previous purchases with us, if you are an existing customer, in order to help to sell you the products you really want and for us to perform our contract with you. We will also make use of this information to provide effective Customer Service support: to handle returns and to advise on any aspect of your purchase. We may also use your purchasing history to find out what you like, to show you complimentary products, and to stay ahead of our competition.

Social Media Logging & Connecting

From time to time we may obtain freely available public information about you from Facebook and other social media sites, usually when you give us your email address e.g. when you email, and we may use this information to help us provide you with better recommendations of our products via our marketing channels.

We may aggregate and anonymise your personal information (so that you cannot possibly be personally identified) and use it to do research and analyse the data. We may share this anonymised information with third parties in order to provide us with insights to better improve our service to you.

Final Note

You don’t have to give us any of this personal information but if you don’t you may not get the best experience from using our website and engaging with us, but the choice is always yours.


With whom do we share your data?

For us to function as a business and provide you with the best possible customer service and experience, we work with a few third parties and we share some of your data with our Customer Services Team and other staff members as required so they can support you in case of a problem with a purchase or product or to help fulfil our contract with you (for instance a warehouse picker/packer). Crucially, we only share your data with third party companies to fulfil our services to you.

We do not, and will not, sell any of your information – including your name, address, email address and payment card details – to any third party. We have always worked hard to protect your information and wish to continue earning your trust. This level of protection is important to you, we know that, and equally essential for our business.

Essential Partnerships

Our website uses Google Analytics to track user interaction and so we rely on the services supplied by Google to stay effective and to give you a relevant service. We use data collected by Google Analytics to determine how many people are using our site, what they are viewing, when they are viewing it and how they are navigating through the site. We use this data as feedback to be able to improve our service and offerings to you and it helps us with making decisions on how our promotions are doing, server requirements in the future (capacity planning) etc. Google records data like your approximate location, internet browser, device and operating system. Google Analytics does record your IP address although this is not identifiable to us. Google makes use of cookies. You can control your individual cookies by using our Cookie Management Tool (coming soon).

We provide several ways for you to pay for your goods and so if you have a PayPal or Amazon account you can use that account to make a payment. We also use SagePay for standard credit/debit card payments. This Privacy Policy does not cover these external processors so please read their respective privacy policies if you are concerned about the way your data is processed by them. Whilst we believe that all payment information is processed by servers hosted in the European Economic Area (EEA), we cannot guarantee it as these payment processors may end up using servers hosted in the USA or elsewhere. If you are not happy with the possibility of payment information being sent outside of the EEA, we recommend that you do not use our site to purchase our goods.

We use a variety of other third party companies who provide professional services to us and help us run our business. These companies help us with things like merchandising our site and internal search results on our website, marketing agencies, email service providers, advertising partners and other software partners (for example postcode lookup and store locator software). We may transfer your information internationally and use companies whose services are either based in the EEA (European Economic Area) or are located outside of the EEA but are under an equivalent and approved privacy scheme by the EU (for example, for the EU-US Privacy Shield Scheme you can read about it here: This all helps to protect your information in line with the new GDPR regulations.

Our current partnerships, which help us to deliver our service to you, are listed below:

Attraqt: Our website uses Attraqt to provide site search and navigation. When you enter a search term, we send it to Attraqt’s servers and they send back the results to your browser. We deem this a Necessary service.

AWin: Our partner for affiliate marketing. When you visit our website, we drop a cookie onto your device and if you go to any AWin partner site, our adverts may appear to you on their site. This is known as retargeting and can be turned on or off using our Cookie Management Tool (coming soon).

Google (Google Analytics): Our website, like many others, uses Google Analytics to track basic usage information about our website visitors including (but not limited to): number of users, pages visited, length of browse time. We use this information to improve our sites and services for you.

Google (AdWords): We place advertisements on Google’s search pages that we think you will like based on your search term as well as potentially on other websites that support retargeting ads, and which are accessible via Google’s AdWords platform. This is known as retargeting and can be turned on or off using our Cookie Management Tool (coming soon).

Facebook (Ads): We also place advertisements on Facebook and within your feed (if you have a Facebook account) that we think you will like based on your interest levels on our website. This is known as retargeting and can be turned on or off using our Cookie Management Tool (coming soon).

Microsoft (Bing Ads): We also advertise on Microsoft’s Bing platform in a similar way to AdWords.

AdRoll: Outside of Google and Facebook, AdRoll is our main partner for advertising on other websites. When you visit our website, we drop a cookie onto your device and if you then go to any AdRoll partner website, our adverts may appear to you on their site. This is known as retargeting and can be turned on or off using our Cookie Management Tool (coming soon).

Storepoint: Our store location software can use your current location - if you have turned on location services on your phone or device - to help you to find a Calendar Club store near to your current position.

Mailgun: We use Mailgun’s email checker to ensure that when you checkout you have given us a valid email address. After all, you wouldn’t want your order to complete but then not receive an email receipt, right?

Postcode Anywhere: We use Postcode Anywhere to save you time on entering your address by sending the postcode you enter on one of our address forms on our website to Postcode Anywhere’s servers which then return a full address or a list of addresses from which you may choose yours.

PCI Pal: if you place an order with our Customer Services Team, they will guide you through paying for your order over the phone, using your payment card, by interacting with an automated, secure service called PCI Pal. By doing so, you do not read out your card details and we do not know or store your card details. All we know is whether your payment has been successful or not giving you maximum protection of your sensitive payment details.

PowerReviews: Our Ratings & Reviews service is fully integrated into our website and helps you to appreciate what other people think of our products so that you can make an informed purchasing decision as well as giving you the freedom to write your own review whether you are a paying customer or a website visitor. You may receive an email from PowerReviews on our behalf asking whether you would like would like to leave feedback on your purchased product(s) – this is purely optional, of course.


Your Rights

Under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) you have several new rights in relation to the data we store about you:

- The right to access what information we have stored about you. You can issue a subject access request by emailing if you wish to see what information we hold about you or contact our Customer Services Team on 0808 178 1344.

- The right to be forgotten and have your information removed from our systems.

- The right to have your personal information corrected if it is inaccurate.

- The right to be informed about the way we process and handle your data. You can read about how we process your data and handle it in this Privacy Policy.

- The right to portability so that you can reuse your personal information for your own purposes including porting to another service provider.

- The right to withdraw consent to receiving direct marketing messages (see more below) and other consent based processing at any time. You can do this yourself by changing your Contact Preferences in your Account Summary page on this website and by withdrawing consent using our Cookie Management Tool (coming soon).

- The right to complain to your data protection regulator. In the United Kingdom this is the Information Commissioners Office or ICO for short.

You can read more about your rights and GDPR here:


Marketing Messages

If you do not wish to receive our email marketing messages any more, you can ask to stop receiving them via:

- Your Account Summary page

- Previous marketing emails we have sent to you by clicking the unsubscribe link therein

- By contacting our Customer Services Team

We also engage in online advertising to keep you aware of what we are up to and to help you to easily see and find our products.

Like many companies, we show Calendar Club UK banners and other adverts to you when you are on other websites and apps. We do this using a variety of digital marketing networks and ad exchanges and we use a range of advertising technologies like web beacons, pixels, ad tags, cookies, and mobile identifiers as well as specific services offered by some websites and social networks such as Facebook’s Custom Audience service.

The banners and other adverts you see will be based on information we hold about you, or your previous use of (for example, your search history, and the content you read on the website) or on our ads you have previously clicked on located around the web.


We generate “cookies” – small text files that live on your device – via our website so that the website can operate well and to help to serve you better. We use a special Cookie Management Tool (coming soon) on our website to give you full control and to allow you to consent and withdraw consent, at any time, to certain cookie types from “Necessary” cookies to “Preferences” based cookies, “Statistics” cookies and “Marketing” cookies. Please see the Cookie Policy for more information on how you can get the best out of our website and the Cookie Management Tool (coming soon).


Data Retention

Under the GDPR, consent is no longer forever or difficult to withdraw. If you have previously opted in to receiving emails from us, for example, we will only use this consent for a period of no more than three years and we will email you towards the end of this period to ask for permission again. However, if you do not consent to receiving marketing from us in the form of emails, SMS or other channels you will not be able to hear about our fantastic latest offers. We run many and various types of promotions throughout the year, sometimes with big discounts on various styles of products so we hope you want us to keep in contact.

We keep your “order information” for our own records and legal reasons. However, we will not keep this information longer than is necessary. If you do ask for your personal information to be erased, we may not be able to remove all of it due to ensuring we uphold our responsibilities to legal or regulatory requirements, fraud and abuse or to enforce our terms and conditions but we will, of course, remove what we can in line with the new GDPR law.


Changes to how we protect your privacy

Data protection and security is an ever-changing landscape. Our website will continually evolve with new service providers and mechanisms to provide our customers with the best service possible. Your personal information and privacy are of the utmost importance to us. We will always ensure your information is protected when implementing new services and will update this Privacy Policy as and when new things become active on the website. We will email you when significant changes are made to our website.


How to contact us

We always want to hear from our customers (especially if you feel we have let you down or could do better).

If you:

  • Have any questions or feedback about this policy
  • Would like us to stop using your information
  • Want to exercise any of your rights as set out above, or have a complaint

please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Services Team, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

You can contact our Privacy Team by dropping us a line at or else our Customer Services Team on 0808 178 1344 (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm). You can also write to us at:

Customer Services Team
Exe Box, Matford Park Road
United Kingdom


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Effective From: 16 May 2018